Daniel Mark(non-registered)
Jay's artistry focuses on the thin line that separates (or possibly fuses) the two great art forms of photography and impressionist art. He is essentially an impressionist photographer. He challenges the viewer to see the distinctly fine lines in his art, while encouraging us to wander in the visual uncertainties of his photographic masterpieces. His extraordinary and original talent makes for a most pleasurable sensory experience.
Helen Hill(non-registered)
What an eye for the picture -- photography as art!
Danny Levy(non-registered)
Magnificent photography, one can get lost in the photos they seem so real. Jay is a real master, showing us the world we know in a way we may not have recognized.
Mark Wright(non-registered)
Very nice. Studies of human compassion and natural phenomenons that provide me with just enough information to wet my appetite with the desire to know more, or just invent the story myself.
doron nissim(non-registered)
Exciting to see these works of
Thanks for the lesson

doron nissim
Yogi Collins(non-registered)
GORGEOUS work, Jay! Thank you for sharing it with us.
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